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5246+1292 luxury cruise
5246+1292 luxury cruise
5246+1292 luxury cruise

5246+1292 luxury cruise

Ship name: AIDA Asia
Ensign: Panama
Classification society: LR (main classification society) +CCS
Maximum carrying capacity (seamen and passengers): 6538 (5246+1292) persons
International CGT: 135,500 GRT
Total length: 323.6 m
Molded breadth: 37.2 m
Molded depth (12 decks): 46.825 m
Designed draft: 8.26 m
Extreme vessel breadth: 49.5 m
Continuous power output of the propeller: 2×16,500 Kw
MCR:62400 Kw
Service speed: 18kn (motor output power: 15,250Kw)
Maximum speed: 22.6 kn
Number of rooms: 2125 rooms
Number of beds (lower berths): 4230
Goods of this project began to be supplied in 2019. Zhaohe provided all the spiral ducts and rectangular air ducts as well as accessories of the ship. Wherein, the spiral ducts were 80,000 m, there were 150,000 accessories, rectangular air ducts were 3000 m, there were 2000 AC plenum chambers, and a total of 1750 tons of goods were supplied. Zhaohe was responsible for production, design, construction and installation of the whole ship.